“an exhilarating piece by Marcelo Carneiro… a tour-de-force…brilliantly rendered by Hoefs and Magalhães, with vivid rhythms and precise ensemble.”


“Special appreciation to programme annotator Dr. Lars Hoefs, who outdid himself.”


“The program was a fascinating look into the chamber music of the young Korngold, and the performers were outstanding…the Blue Rose Trio was dynamic and passionate in its performance of the piano trio.”

–The Film Music Society

“Equally compelling was Golijov’s “Mariel,” an elegiac meditation for cello and marimba. Cellist Lars Hoefs brought a dark, honeyed vocal quality to the gently descending solo line, illuminating the intensity beneath a serene surface…”


“Cellist Lars Hoefs provided some comic relief when he removed a handkerchief and mopped the sweat that fell from his forehead onto his instrument. Brahms' music, at its most romantic bombast…encouraged the kind of emotive overkill the musicians here dutifully supplied.”

- Santa Barbara News-Press

“The California Quartet – Bridget Dolkas and Jeanne Skrocki, violins; Pam Jacobson, viola; Lars Hoefs, cello – is a terrific group. It played everything with proficient technique, sound intonation and a unified outlook. It also mustered a considerable amount of steam.”

–The Orange County Register

“…captured the magnificence of Messiaen’s music… Hoefs and Dolkas were lovely and serene in the achingly lyrical slow movements”


Pohadka gives cellists a chance to take the spotlight…It was given an appropriately poetic reading by Lars Hoefs”

“The Homage to Lorca conflates two seemingly incompatible musical vocabularies: Mexican street music and Modernism - as though Stravinsky had joined a mariachi band," states Dr. Lars Hoefs in the extensive and wonderful in-depth concert notes for next Saturday night's program.”


“The threesome closed their program with a particularly intense reading of Dvorak's Trio in F Minor. Cellist Lars Hoefs plays with a large and passionate voice. In many trios, the cellist is relegated to the position of partner emeritus, rumbling under the real conversation and popping up on special occasions to smile and nod. But with this ensemble, one has the feeling that the cello is actually the group leader, driving the action as the others take their cues from him...”

-Anchorage Daily News

“Você capturou com muito carinho a alma brasileira e villa-lobiana. Bravo!” (“You captured with such care the soul of Brazil and Villa-Lobos. Bravo!”)

-Museu Villa-Lobos

“The present recording of this piece is very good indeed, right up there with the recording by Antonio Meneses and Celina Szrvinsky on Avie…Lars Hoefs adds so much value to this disc with his excellent liner notes. This is a first-class production all around, and one of the standout Villa-Lobos discs of the past few years.”

–The Villa-Lobos Magazine